Nikki Colombo is an intelligent, highly evolved starseed teacher who is a host at Truth Frequency Radio. She says of TFR that 'Our Mission is to provide a fun and exciting platform for the audience on topics about spirituality, ET's, UFO's and the paranormal.' 



In his search for answers to the Earth’s enigmas, Richard Patterson is a teacher, author and historian, dubbed by the press, as a Literary Sleuth. His discoveries, which include solving baffling crimes and rediscovering clues to lost civilisations have been reported worldwide. Following a hunch, Patterson rediscovered Australia’s Stonehenge in 2013. He has spent many years studying the site, and nearby monuments. He has interviewed personalities connected to it and retrieved and studied documents relating to it. He has visited the site many times and had numerous meetings with the owners of the property that the site is on. Patterson hosts a popular Facebook Group on Australia's Stonehenge and has held talks on its history and meaning.


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Solreta Antaria has long been aware of other dimensional realities and is an ET/UFO experiencer. Solreta has helped hundreds of people around the world connect with their ET and interdimensional guides that assist them on threir mission here on Earth. This shines light, clarity and brings a sense of comfort, confirmation and renewed enthusiasm on their soul path. Solreta has an advanced diploma in Health Sciences and has also studied kinesiology, hypnotherapy and  shamanism. Solreta is a renowned psychic, ET communicator, author spiritual mentor, teacher and youtube channel host. 



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A cosmic avatar, a single Mum, a seasoned traveller. Its fair to say, Fiona takes a down to earth approach to cosmic matters.

Equally at home with science and mysticism, Fiona’s experiences and interests are diverse. Past lives in Environmental Science, Teaching and the Corporate world provided her with useful skills. In 1999 she was guided to swap her briefcase for a backpack and an intensive 5 year mystical initiates journey began. She's learnt from many teachers and traditions; Shamanic to Ascension Programs and has facilitated group and personal consultations, activations and tours globally.

20 years down the track, Fiona does her best to balance parenting, her healing practice, teaching, space clearing, research, travel and writing. Not always an easy ask!

Fiona is currently writing 2 companion books about the Annunaki; “A Novel Earth”, which tells our story in a new way, and “A Novel Understanding”, which outlines the wide span of evidence available. 

A healers healer, Fiona is deeply passionate about sharing her tools with other therapists and contributing constructively to the human conversation. She really loves helping people remember their true majesty. See www.fionalee.com or on facebook www.facebook.com/FionaLeeOfTheWings/ 

Patricia Reise is an intuitive healer, medium and vibrationary artist who inspires many with her talent, wisdom and gifts of healing and compassion. Patricia has had a long standing contact with ET's, spirits and angelic beings and  has been consciously clearing our collective pathway to enlightenment. Patricia will be interviewed by Michelle Dharma.  Through thoughtful questions, Michelle will reveal Patricia's walk in event, her ongoing daily contact with ET's and her visions of the future of Earth.

Steve Myers has been on the path for many years. He is a psychic, intuitive and healer who, along with his partner Patricia, produces Soul 2 Soul on 3RPP. Early on in his life Steve did House Clearings and had many eventful encounters with both discarnate spirits and homeowners! Join us as he details his sometimes scary and sometimes strangely funny stories of what he's seen and encountered and how he's dealt with it in those haunted houses!

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Michele Kingston is a local celebrity. Michele owns and runs the Divine Light Ocean Temple, a healing and meditation centre and shop. She does healings and readings, runs workshops and retreats and is a talented artist, card designer and singer. Michele has been teaching Cosmology classes for over twenty years in various places as well as giving presentations on our galactic family at many new age and spiritual festivals.

Michele was raised by a very aware star conscious father and a fairy mother She developed an understanding of other worldly phenomena since early childhood and has maintained a strong 5th dimensional link throughout her life. She has had two near death experiences and has been on a spacecraft in semi dream states. Many cosmic beings are second nature to her.

Michele continues to inspire many with her generosity of spirit and wealth of knowledge.


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Luise Duffy is a clairsentient and a starseed who has had an extensive career as a psychiatric nurse. Luise has had many paranormal experiences during her work and home life vincluding clearing entities, viewing craft, recall of past lives,  knowledge of her and other's star heritage and more. She holds the Master Vibrations of 33, 66 and 99 in her numerological blueprint and is aware of her roles and responsibilities as a Cosmic Elder. Luise is able to see the truth of situations from an intergalactic perspective and is a precious Star Family member. Luise understands the difficult aspects regarding the Starseed missions, yet always maintains her sense of humour and down to earth approach in life. Luise's positivity is her strength. She shifts interdimensional blocks effortlessly and makes herself available through readings, energy grid work, healing and counseling. FB Luise Duffy.

Paulina Howfield is passionate about helping people to awaken to their true nature and begin a journey towards higher awareness and total soul recall. Connecting with the Soul of the Earth is part of this, as it leads us on a journey of en'light'enment and offers profound experiences of the Divine. It also helps us understand our cosmic blueprint and the real truth about our species, our planet and her history.

In her interactions with the Soul of the Earth, Paulina has visited sacred sites all over the world and spent decades constantly moving around the planet engaging with her subtle bodies, learning what she has to teach us. While she is a lightworker and starseed, she is also a past life regressionist, art psychotherapist, shamanic healer, energy worker, clairvoyant, and remote viewer, who speaks and writes books about her work and offers workshops and private consultations.


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Lionel Lauch is a local man who is passionate about his cultural heritage and people. Lionel embraces  the opportunity to share his knowledge of the land and to educate others about his culture through guided walks, didgeridoo healing meditations,  smoking ceremonies and talks. He is very connected with his galactic heritage and feels guided by the stars every day. Lionel is also a renowned healer and many have benefitted from his gifts.


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Swami Layananda has studied under many spiritual teachers through various schools. She is familiar with Tibetan and Hindu sutras and mantras and has received transmissions that connect her to deities. Laya teaches the art of Devotion to connection and yoga to connect you to your Higher Self.

Michelle Dharma has spent many years in a Buddhist Centre in Launceston, Tasmania. She has had many near death experiences as a child and visions of deities. She is an internationally acclaimed psychic whose readings often focus upon healing the chakras. Michelle is well versed in conspiracies and our galactic family, whom she receives many communications from. 


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Guy Dharma began his spiritual journey at the age of 25 with a visit to the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba. Since then he has extensively researched any topic that is not politically correct, including the Secret Space Program, Cryptozoology, Saddhus, siddhis, D.U.M.B.s.. the list goes on and on. 


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