Human beings have been separated from their Extra-Terrestrial genetic and soul lineage for centuries. This event is a gathering of keynote speakers, who through both research and personal experiences are uniting to present an alternative view on who we really are, who our Extra-Terrestrial family are, and our place in the Universe. 
We have a fantastic line up of speakers with a vast range of wisdom and experience in their chosen field, each with their own understanding of our kinship with the stars. 
We have famous speakers flying in from interstate. Richard Patterson is the premier authority on Australia's own Stonehenge at Mullumbimby. Paulina Howfield is a global shaman with decades of wisdom and experience.  
Our home grown talent matches up strongly. We have our own shining starseeds in Luise Duffy and Cosmic Angel Michele Kingston, ET communicator Solreta Antaria, Spiritual Mentors Fiona Lee and Layanda, Radio Presenter and Psychic Steve Myers, Walk-In Patricia Reise, sacred energy toolmaker Rod Bradshaw, Original man Lionel Lauch,    Accomplished and internationally recognised Psychic Michelle Dharma and global conspiracy and paranormal expert Guy Dharma.
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Sunday is the day we can really get into some transformative time with our chosen presenter(s) as they run us through their material in a more practical way. Join Fiona Lee as she weaves star language, song, music, energy and information to facilitate a direct and personal  experience of our starry origins. Or, perhaps you'd like to explore your own higher potential through energy tools with Rod and Rachel Bradshaw. Or maybe you'd like to communicate with your star family with Solreta Antaria. 
In the afternoon Michele Kingston will help us to navigate the symbolic and cosmic pathways of the universe. Or, Paulina will take us on a deeply spiritual and intuitive pathway to the stars. The third choice is to immerse yourself into a long distant past with Richard Patterson. Find out who made the Mullumbimby Standing Stones and why.
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Star Family Conference, April 3-5th 2020

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