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Star Family Conference, February 22nd -24th 2018

Contact Guy & Michelle on 0450 644 182

Rye, Victoria, 3941

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 FRIDAY 22nd Feb 2018

REGISTRATION: 7.30am - 8.15am
Registration for all pre-booked DAY 1 PASS & CONFERENCE PASS holders. 
See our volunteers in the foyer of Pt Nepean Rd. They will give you a conference pack that includes your coloured wrist band and ticket for lunch.
Get registered early, by 8.15am we all need to be assembled on the foreshore for a smoking ceremony.
WELCOME CEREMONY: 8.15am - 9.00am Location Rye Foreshore, next to the Pier.
Welcoming from Organiser & Master of Ceremonies Guy Dharma.
Smoking Ceremony from local Gunditjmara Kirrae-Wurrung Bundjalung man, Lionel Lauch.
We are privileged to have Lionel, and he will be playing the didgeridoo at times throughout the conference.
EARLY SESSION: 9.00am - 11.00am
STEVEN AND EVAN will aim to prove, through presenting scientific fact, that which the Aboriginal Elders insist is true, that Australia is the cradle of humanity and "that all peoples of the world come from us." They will outline their 'Out of Australia' theory, including showing of rocks and slides. The archeology presented redefines our collective past and repositions Homo sapiens sapiens ancestry, reminding us that the time is upon us to stop behaving like global vandals and realise that we are indeed, galactic citizens. We will hear the latest on the skulls and their progress with possible government acknowledgement of their findings. Also updates on the Mullumbimby Stonehenge.
BREAK: Morning Tea 11.00am - 11.30am 
Vicki and the staff at the Rye Hotel are more than ready to serve you, or just grab some fresh air and a few quiet moments.
MORNING SESSION 11.30am - 1.30pm
Developing Our Galactic Consciousness by Connecting With The Soul Of The Earth'
In this presentation Paulina will discuss her interactions with the Consciousness of the Earth to facilitate humanity's collective spiritual awakening and ascent into galactic consciousness. She will focus on sites specific to our galactic awakening and her interactions with STAR beings, galactic entities and geomythic archetypes. She will also discuss some of her personal journey, her near death experience and spiritual awakening, and her work with the Consciousness of the Earth as an Esoteric Mapmaker. 
Paulina believes that we each need to wake up to our individual relationship with the energies of this planet. This waking up is not about saving the Earth, or the looking after the environment.  Our connection to this planet is much more ancient. It is in our blueprint and was programmed into our DNA so that we could have a reciprocal relationship that helps the planet ascend, and leads each of us back to our connection with the STARS.
BREAK: Lunch 1.30pm - 2.30pm
You have your choice of a lunch in the bistro, or choose from any of a number of cafes and restaurants along the strip. You can also wander over to the beach for some fresh air and sunshine. The Rye foreshore is very popular this time of year!  
AFTERNOON SESSION 2.30am - 4.30pm


Merlina will share her research on the Orb phenomenon. She has been photographing and studying the 'Orb' phenomenon for many years. She has pioneered what she calls the MFT Method, a cutting edge photographic focus method that allows her to capture images of angels and spirits that travel inside the orbs. Merlina will share her images and her interpretations of them, as well as highlighting the higher purpose the appearance of these orbs serve in our life.
Our international guest is a wealth of knowledge and experience on a number of topics, and on this first day he will give a brief explanation of what the Secret Space Program is, how long it has been running, and outline who the major players are in the disclosure movement and what their agendas are.   
BREAK: Afternoon Tea 4.30pm - 5.00pm
Take 30 minutes to grab a cuppa or just get out and get some fresh air and a snack.
LATE SESSION 5.00pm-7.00pm
5.00pm MICHELE will outline for us the origin and development of the universe, and in particular will relate to us the changing roles of the various members of our galactic family throughout time. She will discuss the colonisation of Earth and subsequent interactions with various ET races. For some of her presentation she will act as a direct channel with a message that comes through from an oversoul collective of interplanetary, Archangelic and stellar galactic beings that she is connected to.
6.00PM FIONA. OUR STORY-Truth Truly Stranger Than Fiction.  The Annunaki- A topic that brings the bats out of the belfrey. Fiona has been researching this fascinating topic for twenty years. She brings a fresh, moderate voice and a sense of humour to a conversation that is often polarised. We will take a fascinating journey through the past that spans science, religion, and everything in between. Topics such as the deluge, demigods, angels, incorruptible saints, bloodline, foun
tain of youth and the quest for immortality are just some of the topics we will traverse. Ultimately, we will arrive at a plausible theory of everything, one that answers the big questions; who we are, where we came from and where we are going. A fascinating, delicious and thought provoking presentation, not to be missed by any human being.
BREAK:Dinner 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Feel free to either get a table at the hotel or wander out into the Rye night life to get some takeaway or dine at any of a number of cafes or restaurants. There is even a yummy ice cream shop just up the road! 
We've listed a few restaurants and take-away places for you to call ahead on our FAQ's page here
EVENING SESSION 8.30pm-10.30pm
GUY will condense a quarter of a century of research of alternative knowledge into this talk. Topics will include, but not be limited to: free energy, inner earth, time travel, mk ultra, cryptozoology, secret space program, alternative healing, Lemuria, Atlantis, D.U.M.B.s, rods and orbs, gurus and siddhis, secret societies, sacred geometry, leylines, crop circles, astral travel, crisis actors, NWO, Illuminati symbolism, SRA, hybrid children, giants, forbidden archeology to name a few.
Guy's main focus will be on the development of the Secret Space Program, on what exists on other planets and moons and even what lies beneath our feet. Guy will use his personal experiences to highlight many of his topics.
Guy sees a very bright intergalactic future for the people of Earth, and will outline why he feels this way. 
We will then all head down to the beach where Merlina will guide us in calling in the orbs and communicating with them. Merlina will use the MFT method. Bring your conscious co-creative skills and your camera to capture those orbs!
While there we will move into a guided star watch. We will make contact with our ET brothers and sisters and ask them to make an appearance. We will also use remote viewing and telepathy to initiate contact.  
  10.30pm EXIT & CLOSE

SATURDAY 23rd FEB 2019

REGISTRATION: 8.30am - 9.00am
Come in and buy any remaining tickets for the Saturday talks and Sunday workshops.  Registration for DAY 2 PASS holders.
MICHELE KINGSTON, our very own Cosmic Angel, will run a chakra meditation to start the second day. Michele will guide us through each of the chakras, opening them and clearing them, and bring through the colours and benefits of each. A lovely way to bring us into a very busy and interesting second day.
LIONEL LAUCH will play his didgeridoo to assist Michele to bring about a rebalancing and clearing of the subtle energy bodies. Listen as the didge vibrates on a deep level, and resonates to bring peace to the very core of your being.
LIONEL LAUCH: 10.00am - 11.00am 
10.00am LIONEL LAUCH will be discussing the healing, visions and personal breakthroughs that occur when giving didgeridoo healings. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to hear first hand about the inner knowings of a true medicine man and authentic shamanic healer.
BREAK: Morning Tea 11am - 11.30am
Hop out and order a cuppa and a cake  from your friendly staff at the Rye Hotel, or go for a short walk to sample any of a number of shops and cafes along the strip.  
MORNING SESSION 11.30am - 1.30pm

11.30am LUISE DUFFY will be interviewed by MICHELLE DHARMA. They will cover the fascinating topics of: Mandela Effect, the Transgender Agenda, Shifting Timelines, Chem-trails, Illuminati Symbolism, smart metres, energetic grid work, mobile phone towers and their effect on our health. She will also discuss her experiences of ET interaction, inter-dimensional interference and loving support from the benevolent races. 


12.30 noon. PATRICIA REISE 'Astral Alien Encounter'

 Patricia is a co-host of a local radio station alongside her husband, Steve. Patricia is an Intuitive Medium, Healer and Vibrationary Artist who inspires many with her talent, wisdom and gifts of healing and compassion. Today Patricia will go beyond the comfort zone. She has been working privately bringing balance and awareness to this area of the universe.

"Please allow for a little bit more to come your way, as I share my most profound experiences in this way of self expression."

BREAK: Lunch 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Feel free to wander over out to the bistro area, order yourself a meal, sit with likeminded people and digest more than just your food! Alternatively, there are any of a number of eateries nearby that you can duck out and get lunch from. Perhaps you could even walk over to the beach for a few minutes to get some fresh air and ground yourself.

2.30pm - 4.30pm MICHELLE DHARMA
'The Light and the Dark move very closely together...'
We are intimately connected with every other part of the universe. This universe consists of both positive and negative aspects. Join Michelle as she discusses the nature of the opposites. She explains the methods of the dark species used to control planet Earth including; MKUltra, Satanic Ritual Abuse and entity possession. She reminds us too, that the lightworker roles are abundant and ever increasing to balance these forces of control. Michelle discusses starseed missions, the varying karmic contracts that are in play, and how that information translates into our reality.  Michelle inspires and empowers with her understanding of the dark and provides invaluable insights on overcoming psychic attack and repair after negative programing.
BREAK: Afternoon Tea 4.30pm - 5.00pm
It's only 30 minutes, so maybe you can hop out to the bistro area and order a quick cuppa or have a glass of water. Vicky and the staff at the Rye Hotel are always ready with reliable and prompt service. Make sure you are back with plenty of time to get seated before the next speaker. 
TONY will share his memories of being in the secret space program. During this time he lived and worked on bases on the Moon, Mars and Ceres, as well as serving on a merchant space craft. During this time Tony met many different ET races, which he will introduce us to with the help of images done by a professional artist.
BREAK: Dinner 7.00pm - 8.30pm, non-catered.
Feel free to either get a table at the hotel or wander out into the Rye night life to get some takeaway or dine at any of a number of cafes or restaurants. There is even a yummy ice cream shop just up the road! 
We've listed a few restaurants and take-away outlets on our FAQ's page here.
EVENING SESSION 8.30pm - 10.30pm
Join a hand picked panel of our presenters for a round table discussion.  We will cover many important topics, some of which have come up during the conference. There will be time for an audience question and answer session, moderated by Guy Dharma. Our panel of experiencers, researchers and spiritual teachers will attempt to answer the fundamental reason for our existence, our place within the galactic community, and the potential for global transformation!
10.30pm EXIT & CLOSE

SUNDAY 24th FEB 2019

WORKSHOPS: 9.00am - 12.00pm
See the workshop page for your choice of morning workshop presenters.  
BREAK: 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Enjoy any of the cafes, restaurants or fast food outlets on the main strip, and/or take a walk along the foreshore. 
WORKSHOPS: 2.00pm - 5.00pm
See the workshop page for your choice of afternoon workshop presenters.
BREAK: 5.00pm - 6.30pm
The conference is winding down, and it may be time to  simply sit and contemplate over a glass of wine or coffee. Might be time to think about who you'll be seated with for dinner and what more unfoldments the night will bring!
STAR FAMILY DINNER: 6.30pm onwards
Enjoy a delicious two course meal specially catered by the Rye Hotel. Enjoy the company of the speakers and organisers in a relaxed setting while receiving impromptu star, aura and chakra readings from some of our more adventurous presenters! This is a highlight of the conference. The conversations had and friends made are priceless!  At some time after the end of dinner we will have a closing meditation/ceremony to bring us back into the 3D world and formalise the break between now and next year.