Tony Rodrigues Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Tony is an inspiration for others suffering from trauma based mind control. He has recovered memories of serving in a secret space program on a twenty and back mission.  In that time he visited bases on the Moon, Aries Prime on Mars and on the planetoid Ceres and interacted with a number of different ET races. He also worked on a Dark Fleet merchant spacecraft called the Max von Laue, which undertook interplanetary and interstellar trade missions. Tony was subjected to Satanic Ritual Abuse and MK Ultra programming.  Tony is passionate about telling his story, about helping others to recover their own memories and to heal. 
Michele is a local celebrity. Michele owns and runs the Divine Light Ocean Temple, a healing and meditation centre, as well as doing healings, readings and running workshops and retreats. Michele has been teaching Cosmology classes for over 15 years in various places as well as giving presentations on our Galactic Family at many new age and spiritual festivals.
Michele was raised by a very aware star conscious father and a fairy mother. She developed an understanding of other worldly phenomena since early childhood and has maintained a strong 5th dimensional link throughout her life. She has had 2 near death experiences and has been on a spacecraft in semi Dream states. Many cosmic beings are second nature to her.
Michele continues to inspire many with her generosity of spirit and wealth of knowledge.   
Steven and Evan Strong Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Steven and Evan are authors, researchers, progressive archaeo-historians and speakers.   They have spent many years working and living with the Bundjalung Language Confederation, as well as the Ramidjeri and Gamilaroi peoples.  They work with an informal network of independent researchers, original Custodians/Elders, patrons/supporters and friends. 
The Strongs believe they have uncovered a hidden history, the 'Out of Australia' theory. They claim that the Original People sailed from Australia over 40,000 years ago and visited America, Egypt, Japan, Africa and India. Recently their research has uncovered the possibility of ET seeding and intervention.
Paulina Howfield Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Paulina Howfield interacts with the Consciousness of the Earth to facilitate humanity's collective spiritual awakening and ascent into galactic consciousness. She interacts physically and remotely with sacred sites, planetary alignments and specific energy fields and works with star beings, extra-terrestrials, planetary guardians and galactic entities to activate, cleanse and re-align energy frequencies in the body of our planet, and the consciousness of our species.
She leads Soul Consciousness Tours to places on our planet; teaches Earth Energy Consciousness Training in Australia, the UK and New Zealand; and creates Meditation CDS to facilitate Soul Connections at Planetary and Cosmic Sites. Paulina also works with individuals as a 'Living With Soul Therapist', and 'Body and Planetary Energy Alignment Specialist' and combines her expertise in mainstream modalities and non ordinary realities, to offer unique healing, past life clearing, and galactic frequency encodings. 
She is also an art therapist, artist and photographer and combines her images and psycho-spiritual knowledge to create sets of Earth Consciousness and Soul Whispers Cards. Her first book about her interactions with the Soul of the Earth at the Goddess Temples of Malta was published in 2016. Her next book, about Clairvoyant Interactions with Earth Energies and Soul Consciousness is due to be published in May 2018.
Lionel Lauch Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Lionel is a local aboriginal man who is passionate about his cultural heritage and people. Lionel embraces the opportunity to share his knowledge of the land and educate others about his culture through guided walks , didgeridoo healing meditations, smoking ceremonies and talks. He is very connected with his Galactic Heritage and feels guided by the stars everyday. Lionel is also a renowned healer and many have benefited from his gifts.
Luise Duffy Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Luise Duffy is a clairsentient and a starseed who has had an extensive career as a psychiatric nurse. Luise has had many paranormal experiences during her work and home life, including clearing entities, viewing craft, recall of past lives, knowledge of her and other's star heritage and more.  She holds the Master Vibrations of 33, 66 & 99 in her numerological blueprint and is aware of her role and responsibilities as a Cosmic Elder. Luise is able to see the truth of situations from an intergalactic perspective and is a precious Star Family member. Luise understands the difficult aspects regarding the starseed missions, yet always maintains her sense of humour and down to earth approach in life.  Luise's positivity is her strength, she shifts inter-dimensional blocks effortlessly and makes herself available through readings, energy grid work, healing and counselling. 
facebook: Luise Duffy
Michelle is a spiritual teacher, a mind control deprogrammer, an international psychic and starseed. She has spent years in close association with a Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoche, has had divine visions, and very much wishes to do all she can for the good of all beings. After numerous near death experiences in her youth, without ever being exposed to Eastern spiritual teachings, Michelle channeled the chakra system with advanced instructions to read the aura and soul signature. Her understanding of the negative aspects of spirituality enables her to be a great strength to other spiritual practitioners who can sometimes find themselves under psychic attack or in emotional distress. She can see past lives, entity attachments, implants, E.T heritage and more. Michelle consciously interacts with inter-dimensional beings on a regular basis, has had psychic encounters with representatives from the Mars colony and the upper management of the Greys abduction teams. She also recalls experiences on craft, existing in other 'non-human' forms such as mantis, paschat etc and can merge into the consciousness of others. Michelle teaches that meditation on compassion is the most powerful tool for transforming reality. 
Guy Dharma Star Family Conference Rye Victoria
Guy has been taken on board craft since childhood, and has dream recall of being on craft, being taken to underground bases, being operated on, having missing time, and interacting with his hybrid children. Guy visited the ashram of Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India five times over a period of twenty years, where he experienced states of bliss and witnessed miracles. Guy has intensively and extensively researched all things spiritual, new age, paranormal, conspiracy, cryptozoology, forbidden history, and off world/ET for a quarter of a century. Guy has had regular visitations from a large number of different E.T. beings who have wanted to connect with him. Guy does past life readings. He has been to forbidden history sites in Australia and N.Z.  Guy holds a degree in Science with a major in zoology, has been around Australia twice, been on three scientific field expeditions, leading groups into the rainforest of Far North Queensland, and on other occasions he has dived with sharks and walked with komodo dragons.  
Patrica, along with her husband Steve, host Soul to Soul on a local radio station. Patricia is an Intuitive Medium, Healer and Vibrationary Artist who inspires many with her talent, wisdom and gifts of healing and compassion. Patricia has had a long standing contact with ET's, spirits and angelic beings and has been consciously clearing our collective pathway to enlightenment. 
Merlina has been photographing, studying and researching the 'orb' phenomenon for many years. She has pioneered what she calls the MFT method, a cutting edge photographic focus method that allows her to capture images of angels and spirits that travel within the orbs. It will be a pleasure to have her present her findings at our conference!
A cosmic avatar, a single Mum, a seasoned traveller. Its fair to say, Fiona takes a down to earth approach to cosmic matters.
Equally at home with science and mysticism, Fiona’s experiences and interests are diverse. Past lives in Environmental Science, Teaching and the Corporate world provided her with useful skills. In 1999 she was guided to swap her briefcase for a backpack and an intensive 5 year mystical initiates journey began. She's learnt from many teachers and traditions; Shamanic to Ascension Programs and has facilitated group and personal consultations, activations and tours globally.
20 years down the track, Fiona does her best to balance parenting, her healing practice, teaching, space clearing, research, travel and writing. Not always an easy ask!
Fiona is currently writing 2 companion books about the Annunaki; “A Novel Earth”, which tells our story in a new way, and “A Novel Understanding”, which outlines the wide span of evidence available. 
A healers healer, Fiona is deeply passionate about sharing her tools with other therapists and contributing constructively to the human conversation. She really loves helping people remember their true majesty. See www.fionalee.com or on facebook www.facebook.com/FionaLeeOfTheWings/