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Star Family Conference, February 22nd -24th 2018

Contact Guy & Michelle on 0450 644 182

Rye, Victoria, 3941

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MORNING WORKSHOPS, 9am - 12 noon
Choose from the two workshops in the morning session.
MICHELE KINGSTON WORKSHOP - Stay tuned! More information coming about this session! 
'Cosmology'. Michele will cover many topics such as the galactic cycle, the dimensions, Inner Earth, crystal kingdoms, angels and archangels, ET's and star people, initiations, astrology, the chakras, MerKaBah, the Genisis Story, the rainbow snake, whales, dolphins and more!
STEVEN AND EVAN STRONG WORKSHOP - (The topic of this workshop is subject to change).
Workshop with Steven and Evan Strong.  Steven and Evan will be using their rocks as illustrations for their Out Of Australia Theory, as well as taking us on an imaginary tour of an ancient Australia. The sacred marked and magic rocks show clear evidence of technology yet to be equaled, but there is more. They contain the spirit of the land and those who held them before in ancient times, and that stored energy is certainly stirring. The workshop not only takes a closer look at the physical characteristics of these unique rocks, and many implications, but you will delve into the mystical when determining whether this actually exists and can be detected. This workshop is a mix of dowsing rods, crystals, science and geology guided by Original Lore and history. It has to be stated by order of many Elders these rocks must not be touched by anyone other than your workshop leader, Steven Strong. 
LUNCH BREAK 12noon-2pm
Feel free to pop out for some takeaway or to digest at least some of what you have learnt with fellow attendees at a cafe or restaurant.
Choose from any of two workshops in the afternoon session.
Tony Rodrigues, Michelle Dharma & Guy Dharma will be sharing meditation tools and spiritual understandings that have enabled them to gain insights into their own galactic memories. Michelle will be sharing protection methods and Guy will take you on an intergalactic journey through guided meditation. Tony will share the techniques that have assisted him in recovering chronological and verified evidence of bi-location and off-planet experiences.  No topic is off limits in this workshop and the intuitive instructors will guide the group in a positive and structured direction.  Whether it be SSP memories or a past life in Atlantis, the ultimate aim is for us to remember, to become empowered and to heal.  
PAULINA HOWFIELD WORKSHOP - (The topic of this workshop is subject to change). 
'Pathways to the Stars’ is a unique Metaphysical and Esoteric Training Programme that teaches participants how to navigate the symbolic and cosmic pathways of the universe. Knowing how to do this enables a more intuitive and clairvoyant interaction with Earth and all her sacred sites. As each site is infused with cosmic energies learning how to do this enables a deep remembering, an opportunity for cleansing unwanted imprints, and a profound understanding of the history of this planet and humanity that is not taught in books, or on the internet. This esoteric training will also facilitate your own personal connection to the STARS. 
During this Workshop you will:
♦Find out your STAR and Galactic Essences 
♦Interact with YOUR unique Inter-Galactic Frequencies
♦Meet one or more of YOUR Galactic Helpers 
♦Learn how to Anchor and Embody Galactic Light Frequencies
♦Learn how to Connect with Cosmic Consciousness 
♦Learn how to Travel Cosmic Pathways and Portals, and
♦Develop a Relationship with the Consciousness of the Earth.